Synovium and Singularity: December Update

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Progress report

Things have been set into motion that I wouldn’t have fathomed even a week ago. Long story short:
My Muse Has Been Found

So… work is re-commencing on Synovium and Singularity. Both will initially be plotted out for LiteStep, as I don’t currently have a PC that can run the latest AstonShell (_anyone got a spare XP box I can have?). The majority of the graphical work was completed about a year ago, and I’ve been sitting on the files all this time because I’ve been so preoccupied with other responsibilities. Took a request from a user for color variations on the Synovium skin for Sysmetrix to get me to open the Photoshop files on these two and regain some perspective. Thanks, Mr. Chandler! :)


So, here’s what synovium looks like so far for LiteStep/AstonShell and Sysmetrix/Rainmeter:



The majority of the graphics for the LiteStep/AstonShell shells is completed, with the exception of the audio module in the lower-right. A Rainlendar calendar is also in progress.

120906 Singularity Preview

BTW: I’m attempting to document the nitty-gritty of creating Singularity from start to finish at a blog specifically for that purpose which you can find here

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i got an extra xp-pc just laying around, wana trade??

btw, im exstatic your back at it, i thought we had lost you forever!!

:) Mulestem, you better believe you’re gonna be in the “Dedicated to” section heading up a group of people who have encouraged and gently prodded me in the skinning process.

I thought I was retiring from skinning, and then one day POP - it all came back.

Good post. Thanks.

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