[=== by Nerio ===]

Hot flying chunks of rock! Find out how to make themem with Photoshop.

The Day After Tomorrow

[=== by nerio ===]

Create an effect to mimic the iced Statue of Liberty from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”

My Mouse

[=== by nerio ===]

Create a photorealistic computer mouse using Adobe Photoshop.

Charger Text

:..:.::.:. by KaRaZyJeW .::.:.:..:

Charger Chrome Text Effect for Photoshop. A Text Effect using only Layer Styles. Chrome metal effect. Made using Photoshop CS2. Can be used with previous versions. To Access Layer styles: right click on a layer in the layers panel and go to blending options.

Another Icon Tutorial

[=== By Nerio ===]

Use Photoshop and fonts (yes, fonts) to create your own icons.

Cool ID

Make a cool ID for yourself using Photoshop.

Creating Seamless metal textures

.: by mrbiotech :.

This tutorial requires MacroMedia FLASH

Sure, there are a lot of “seamless” texture tutorials out there. (By “seamless” we mean a texture that can be tiled so that the edges of each image blend seamlessly with adjacently tiled images). Most require some fine manual touches with air-brushing, blurring, or smudging tools to render their final effect. Here’s a technique I’ve experimented with to create a seamless brushed metal texture using just patterns, layer-styles and filters. It’s quick, easy, and works!

Making a Simple Icon

[=== By Nerio ===]
Some of users asked me i made the icon seen on my last theme CITYZEN…’’s very easy, just follow whats coming on this tutorial.

A Simple Inset Button

[=== By Nerio ===]

Generally, where you see the inset buttons is in the diffrent interface design….like for WA skins or any other thing.

Easy MultiState Images (Bitstrips)

Easily create multistate images and animations for Sysmetrix, Aston, and other skinnables using your favorite graphics editor. This technique requires just two graphics you design and a graphics editor with layers. Difficulty: Easy

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The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan
The Mind Map Book

Gobs of pretentious psycho-fluff leading to a method that might actually benefit. There’s something worth learning in here, but you’re gonna have to wade neck-deep through Buzan’s dogma and indoctrination judiciously to find it.

Getting Things Done by David Allen
Getting Things Done

Productivity finally meets Pragmatism! GTD is the latest productivity suite for the tech-crowd plagued by the here-and now, and for good reason.

The City of Ember By Jeanne DuPrau
The City of Ember

Creative in scope, and masterfully executed in writing, the characters are very believable, the situation sufficiently terrifying without being entirely hopeless or dark, and the answers gratifying.

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore
A Dirty Job

Vampires, the undead, and a 7-foot black dude in a mint green suit. Charlie experiences the poignant death of his jewish wife only to discover he has obtained a new vocation as a Death Merchant. Oh, and he’s the epitome of Beta-Male in San Francisco. You will laugh out loud!

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