Sensational Scientific Illustrator for Hire

UPEC Invasion cycle, by Rich Kulesus

Thanks to fantastic friends, illustrators, and designers, has been online for 7 and-a-half years! During that time, my work here has resulted in some unsolicited, and very enjoyable, web design and illustration contracts. Here’s the transition to “solicitation” …

I’m for hire!

Scientific illustration is my intended principle medium, but I also enjoy making HTML5/CSS3 webdesigns, logos, and product conceptualizations.

Some basics:

  • For $170 you get 3 consultations prior to finalizing a 6“x6” illustration or single-page website.
  • For $210 I’ll do 4 consultations prior to finalizing a 3-page website.
  • For $250 I’ll do a full-page illustration, or design and implement a template for a content-management system (CMS) such as WordPress, TextPattern, Joomla, Drupal, or MODx, including 4 prior consults, installation, and testing.

Interested? Check out my scientific illustration portfolio HERE.


Neurite Wallpaper Packs

Neurite, 1440x900

An elegant minimalist wallpaper designed not to distract. 11 Color variations, and multiple screen resolutions supported. Download the pack for your preferred screen resolution.


Vaporized, for iPulse

Vaporized, for iPulse

Vaporized, an iPulse theme for Mac OS X. A collection of 33 skins with different hues or materials for Iconfactory’s iPulse system monitor.


Photoshop Emblem Pack 1

Emblem Pack 1

Infinitely scaleable Photoshop vectors for various emblems. Use it to make your own web buttons, logos, UI elements or badges. Easily recolored, resized, or tweaked. Includes a few layer-styles, just to demonstrate what can be done with these.


Free Photoshop Button

Free Photoshop Button

Here’s another freebie: a Photoshop CS4 button, with all layers, layer-styles, and vectors included. It’s yours. Free. No license. Use it for what you want. Seriously.



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