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Digital Art Contest!!!
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Digital Art Contest!!!
« on: April 16, 2010, 11:04:37 AM »

Digital Art Contest!!!
Hello Community,
I am putting together a contest for a great guy I met a couple months ago. He is an airbrush artist that wants to get his name out there. So I have come up with a contest for my favorite communities.
Contest Baseline:
   The contest will run for 3 weeks, at the end of the 3rd week I will review all submissions with the air brush artist Adam Tash, and I will be asking Mr Biotech his advice as well , a digital artist I revere. The selected art will then be painted on my car and all images will be posted back to the sites where the contest is run.
   1: No profanity
   2: Nothing nasty or gruesome
   3: The Airbrush URL must be incorporated
   4: The Vehicle is a Hyundai Sonata 2003, currently white
Sites Contest Hosted On:
My Interests, for Design Ideas:
   – My favorite colors are Blue, Red, and Electric Green --
   1: I am a strong Christian
   2: I have a family, and family is incredibly important to me
   3: I love computers and graphic design, “Techo Geek”
   4: I am a total Linux Geek (Favorites) Mint, and Ubuntu
   5: Favorite movies Transformers, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings
   6: I love designs that incorporate cybernetics, organics, and circuitry – Futuristic
   7: I also enjoy futurist metal plating, that looks thousands of years old
   8: My favorite places in the World – Turkey, Kauai,  and Sandpoint, Id.
   9: Along with the Sci-fi designs I am also deeply reverent of nature and God's Handiwork.
   1: Artists who submit designs in Photoshop with all vector layers included will get top marks
   2: Artist who incorporate the URL the best will get top marks
   3: Don't hesitate to add your artist signature in the design somewhere
   4: Artists who overlay on the listed Vehicle will go right to the top of the list!
Good Luck to all – Deadline is 7 May 2010
Thank You TanKCR
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