Disabling Mac OS X Exposé

Easily disable Mac Exposé Hot Corners

For those who use the Hot-Corners of Mac OS X’s Exposé feature, you know what a help they are. With a simple sweep of the mouse, you can sift through all open windows, application windows, switch desktops, and even instantly get to your desktop - no buttons necessary!

Exposé can come with a price, however. When give Keynote/PowerPoint presentations or playing full-screen games, lodging the mouse in a screen corner and triggering Exposé can become an extreme nuisance. To deactivate Exposé requires digging through system settings, and requiring the same digging to put everything back.

Applescript to the rescue! Because Apple’s come with their own built-in scripting language, changing settings is a snap. There are other Applescripts out there to do this, but they either didn’t work, or were exceptionally messy. Here’s my own contribution - a script to Deactivate All Hotspots and one to Re-Enable All Hotspots.

They are released under no license, so feel free to modify, learn from, and recirculate!

Disabling Mac OS X Exposé

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Or you could get Windows! ;]

Just kidding mrbiotech.

Set myself up for that one, didn’t I? :D

Truth be told, AppleScript was one of those initial things that hooked me for Macs. That, and advanced shell scripting (since it’s all Unix under the interface). Friday a co-worker had to give a presentation using my laptop and I setup a “bomb” - an SH shell script timed 10 minutes into his presentation that used the built-in mac voices to cuss him out. Good times… good times!

Amazingly useful script. I use VMWare Fusion 3, and there are time (especially when giving presentations) when I don’t want to have the hot-corners active… this script is perfect to disable them for these select few time.


Useful for half life 2. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing, the scripts work great. Much appreciated.

After customizing the script (I have my corners set up differently) I find it very useful with League of Legends (via iLoL). Thank you very much for putting this together!

Hey Richard,
great script and extremely useful.
Though, I’m using OS X Lion with the new “mission control” and I can’t figure out what the right command would be to call mission control form the script. If you know, or have any suggestions where to find out, please send me an email. thanks a lot!

Wow - this script is amazing and suits my purposes perfectly! It was such a pain having to manually disable each hot corner and then reactivate each one.. Massively grateful for this - THANK YOU! :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!


Thank you so much for the script, it’s really useful, although it didn’t work well if you had to deal with the launchpad in one of those corners.
But i found around the solution and i thought it could help some other people.

Here’s the line of code to enable the launchpad from the hot corners:

set properties of the bottom right screen corner to {activity:«constant ****lpad», modifiers:{}}

It doesn’t have to be the bottom right, that’s up to you.

Again, thank a lot man!

hey hpm, the right command for mission control is all windows :)



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