Prolecular Mini PNG Icon Pack

Prolecular mini PNG icon pack preview

The Prolecular Mini PNG icon pack contains 69 alpha-transparent icons, with 3 states (normal, hover, pressed), 7 color variations, and 2 plastic styles for a whopping total of 2898 icons! Distributed under no license: use freely, without attribution, for personal or commercial projects. The full-layered PSD file is also included.


Really Richly adorned Photoshop Ribbons

Mrbiotech's really richly adorned ribbons PSD file

Ribbon elements are everywhere in design right now: headers, banners, ads, sidebars and bookmarks. Here is a collection of ribbons put together from recent projects, from mini-icon size all the way up to website header-sized. Contains all layer-styles, so you can apply the looks to other Photoshop Objects. Vector-based so these ribbons are infinitely scalable and easily recolorized.

Photoshop ribbons, vectors, and layer-styles released under Creative Commons Noncommercial 3.0 License.


Photorealistic old-school buttons Photoshop file

Panel Buttons, Photoshop file

…because sometimes you just need a really great looking button image. These all Photoshop buttons are composed entirely of vectors, and are thus easily recolored or scaled.

These were modelled after a the button panel of a Cray CDC 160a computer featured in a Time photogallery about aged supercomputers available here:,29307,1670168_1461041,00.html

Photoshop buttons, vectors, and layer-styles released under Creative Commons Noncommercial 3.0 License.


Killer CSS3 web buttons

Free CSS3 Buttons for webdesign, by mrbiotech

Web designers need great looking buttons. Classy buttons not requiring images are even better. Animated mouseover classy buttons without images are… you get the picture.

Here are free web buttons styled purely with CSS3, no images! These buttons also use CSS3 transitions for unique hover effects if you’re using a CSS3-enabled browser. Completely unlicensed, use the included code however you want, for commercial projects or otherwise. Includes a LESS CSS document to facilitate easy color changes.


Neurite Wallpaper Packs

Neurite, 1440x900

An elegant minimalist wallpaper designed not to distract. 11 Color variations, and multiple screen resolutions supported. Download the pack for your preferred screen resolution.



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