Easily disable Mac Exposé Hot Corners

Disabling Mac OS X Exposé

For those who use the Hot-Corners of Mac OS X’s Exposé feature, you know what a help they are. With a simple sweep of the mouse, you can sift through all open windows, application windows, switch desktops, and even instantly get to your desktop - no buttons necessary!

Exposé can come with a price, however. When give Keynote/PowerPoint presentations or playing full-screen games, lodging the mouse in a screen corner and triggering Exposé can become an extreme nuisance. To deactivate Exposé requires digging through system settings, and requiring the same digging to put everything back.

Applescript to the rescue! Because Apple’s come with their own built-in scripting language, changing settings is a snap. There are other Applescripts out there to do this, but they either didn’t work, or were exceptionally messy. Here’s my own contribution - a script to Deactivate All Hotspots and one to Re-Enable All Hotspots.

They are released under no license, so feel free to modify, learn from, and recirculate!



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