mrbiotech's HipsterPDA

mrbiotech HipsterPDA

Some of you may heard recently about my over-scheduling of tasks and how the Palm Pilot T|X is NOT working out. Here is my low-tech, DIY solution using something that actually works: The HipsterPDA.

Included are instructions on how to hand-make your very own leather HipsterPDA case and some shots for size-comparisons, etc…


Rasterizing and merging styled layers

Here’s a simple little method with broad potential for use: taking a layer with layer-styles applied and rasterizing it (merging the layer-styles down to just an editable layer).


Photoshop: Quickly show or hide all layerstyles

As my other tutorials have shown, I’m fond of Photoshop layer-styles. For skinning projects, however, large amounts of layers may be required to accommodate the various layer-styles (I have some files for skins that use between 400-1000 layers). When there are many styled layers working in conjunction, it may become difficult to determine at a glance what the actual contents of a layer are or its location. This is especially true of compositions including lots of Stroke, Outer Bevel, Drop Shadow, and Outer Glow styles.

To counteract this problem for myself, I devised two simple actions that quickly became my personal favorites.


Centering Layers

When designing graphics for themes and skins in Photoshop I frequently find myself centering the contents of one layer within the contents of another layer (like nested circles). Although the steps to accomplish this are simple, rather than wading through menus one could easily create a Photoshop Action, or macro, to accomplish this feat. Here’s how I do it:



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