Singularity for LiteStep OTS1

OTS1 original version of my Singularity theme. This was the work that kicked off the Singularity suite, presented in its original form for nostalgia’s sake.


Singularity for LiteStep OTS2

An OTS concept theme revolving around user-configurable hotspots at the four screen corners to toggle z-order of the bars. Configuration via theme popup offers many options for any screen corner, including toggle top-bar z-order, toggle winamp/system bar show/hide, toggle both, VWM switching commands, popups, winamp show, gather, etc…. Uses layercuts, so this theme will require Win2000 or XP. Update 7/9/03 – Fixed some shortcuts, changed the task system to TASKBAR3.DLL and the shortcut menus to BPOPUP2.DLL. Also added 2 RainMeter skins (so you don’t have to download Sysmetrix, although I’d recommend it). Enjoy! THIS THEME WAS FEATURED AS A DAILY DEVIATION AT DevArt by Jark: “mrbiotech has thrown together a fairly nifty Litestep theme in Singularity. The dark background coupled with its bright blue counterpart are a creative mix of colors and design that affords maximum productivity. Litestep fan or not, this is a must grab! (Selected by $jark) (Featured on 2003-06-07 by _jark)” NOTE: THIS THEME IS OTS1 AND NOW OBSOLETE UNLESS YOU RUN LITESTEP WITH THE COMPATIBILITY MODE ENABLED!!!


Singularity for AstonShell

Singularity 1280 for AstonShell

Made to complement the Singularity Suite (originally for LiteStep). Check out the rest of the suite skins under the Singularity category.


Singularity for Sysmetrix

2nd attempt at Sysmetrix- I wanted something to complement the Singularity Wallpaper and Litestep/DesktopX theme (which I haven’t released, yet). Has a few compound monitors, with several multi-state images. Typical monitors plus Winamp Control.


Singularity Suite

The Singularity suite of themes by mrbiotech.



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