Consistent image sizing

JustResizeIt! Adobe Air Application

Checking out some of my favorite blogs and web-design sites I picked up a subtle, but attractive trend: the use of regularly shaped images. Branded07 and BrightCreative are two well-done examples. By keeping thumbnails and other images consistently sized, the well-ordered look of the site is maintained. This is particularly obvious on sites displaying multiple articles, such as Branded07’s article list where the consistent size and shape of the preview images maintains the vertical line of the site.


Tutorial: Radial Symmetry in Photoshop

Creating radial symmetry of rotated and aligned objects is a cinch in Photoshop, if you’re restricted to 90° angles. Illustrator’s the way to go for these kinds of things, but if you’ve just got Photoshop, here’s how you can mimic the effect easily.

YouTube Video Tutorial.


Creating gradient-faded patterns

Web2.0’s the big buzz-word these days, and it wouldn’t be complete without gradient-styled banners with faded patterns. Here’s one way to do it using Photoshop.


Recolorizing your themes

After days of intensive graphic effort you’ve generated all the graphics for your next blockbuster theme. After putting up a couple of preview pics to get feedback from friends, someone writes back and says “I LOVE the stylings, but really wish I could have it in red instead of blue to match my desktop.” It’s not too late! Mod those colors en masse quickly and easily using Photoshop!

We’ll be employing several techniques in order to accomplish this:

  • Creating an Adjustment Layer to tweak colors globally in an image.
  • Creating a Photoshop Action to apply these changes to other images.
  • Use Batch Processing to apply our action to a bunch of files at once.

DominantNegative Smooth Metal

As requested: instructions on how to use layerstyles, selection tools, fills, and erasures to recreate the metallic effects used to make the DominantNegative suite of themes.

Difficulty: Moderate



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