Slic Chique, for AstonShell

Slic Chique, for AstonShell by mrbiotech.


Maladroit, for AstonShell

Maladroit for AstonShell, by mrbiotech, 2008

Maladroit for AstonShell by mrbiotech.

An experiment in minimalism, this theme was composed using vector graphics and only 3 colors. (What’s black, white, and red all over? Not a newspaper this time).

Theme released under Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution license

Photoshop file to follow.


AstonShell: LambdaRed

LambdaRed for AstonShell

LambdaRed theme for AstonShell, by mrbiotech. LambdaRed is a recombinase enzyme used by molecular microbiologists to delete or replace genes in bacteria.

Here, however, it’s a bunch of shiny things for your AstonShell Windows desktop….

Get LambdaRed for AstonShell here


Spiderman For Aston

Spiderman By haxer

Haxer’s newest Aston Shell theme. Spiderman for Aston uses several innovative characteristics to make this theme individual. In haxer’s own words, “I really don’t think I like this theme…” Ok, never mind. This may not be the best theme ever, because haxer hit a mental block while trying to get it put together, but he tried to do things differently than usual. Take the clock for example, and the web texture on the taskbar. As always, enjoy the theme. And be sure to comment!


Ghost Rider 2

Ghost Rider 2

Theme made for The second of 4. I (haxer) made Ghost Rider and had said that I was making a second one. Krstatzar had always wanted to make a Ghost Rider theme, so he contacted me and asked to colab on it. Of course I couldn’t refuse an offer like that, so we worked together to make this, a haxer/krstatzar theme. As always, Enjoy!

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