Simplify it! Producteev for Mac edition

Every day millions get things done by the venerable to-do list. Many are turning to software tools to track tasks, whether on the desktop, handheld, or on the web. The staggering list of to-do software inelegantly demonstrates this (MacUpdate Productivity Category).

Enter Producteev for Mac , which bills itself as “the best interface you can hope, from a simple to-do list app.” Who can resist with a claim like that? Although overall wonderful, here are some annoyances that could be improved…


Sensational Scientific Illustrator for Hire

UPEC Invasion cycle, by Rich Kulesus

Thanks to fantastic friends, illustrators, and designers, has been online for 7 and-a-half years! During that time, my work here has resulted in some unsolicited, and very enjoyable, web design and illustration contracts. Here’s the transition to “solicitation” …

I’m for hire!

Scientific illustration is my intended principle medium, but I also enjoy making HTML5/CSS3 webdesigns, logos, and product conceptualizations.

Some basics:

  • For $170 you get 3 consultations prior to finalizing a 6“x6” illustration or single-page website.
  • For $210 I’ll do 4 consultations prior to finalizing a 3-page website.
  • For $250 I’ll do a full-page illustration, or design and implement a template for a content-management system (CMS) such as WordPress, TextPattern, Joomla, Drupal, or MODx, including 4 prior consults, installation, and testing.

Interested? Check out my scientific illustration portfolio HERE.


Exposé Disable script featured on Softpedia!

Exposé Disable Applescript

My Exposé Disable applescript for Mac OS X has been included in software omnibus Softpedia! No more futzing around with behind-the-scenes commands to quickly disable Exposé‘s hot corners when playing games. Apparently came in handy for someone at Softpedia who took the time to create a nice description and submit it!

Check it out my Exposé Disable applecripts on Softpedia


DON'T Draw Muhammad Day

Don't draw Muhammad Day

There is a movement of people online that are seeking to have as many drawings and likenesses of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, rendered on May 20th, 2010 as possible. This is in response to the recent alteration of a South Park episode depicting their prophet, as well as to the fatwa (religious edict) mandating the death of the Danish cartoonists who made the Jyllands-Posten depictions of Muhammad. In Islam, an likeness of the Prophet Muhammad is expressly forbidden.

Although I certainly do not approve of the edict rendered or the political pressure exerted by Islamists to redact an adult-oriented cartoon, I cannot condone this movement to deliberately offend the Islamic culture and religion.


TanKCR's Design Contest

Design Contest

A friend of mine has put together a digital art contest that can net you some around-the-town advertising. Briefly, the winning graphic design, incorporating the airbrush artist Adam Tash’s website URL will be air-brushed onto a white Hyundai Sonata. Read the details for rules, terms, and conditions…



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