Aggression Core theme for iPulse

GLaDOS Aggression Core for iPulse

iPulse theme inspired by the Portal© game by Valve Corporation.

...and now

  • Be considerate
  • Be constructive
  • Be clean
  • Be kind

Very nice. Glad you finally played portal!

Dang! Your design is one of the the most pretty, yet utterly useless I have ever seen.

It looks like it should be beautiful, but it ends there. Your site uses fancy CSS effects, but aside from that, there is nothing AJAXy, and thus, it seems very static, something that this design does not deserve.

It also, fails as I write this comment to you.

IP Address:

Ha! Yup, Dang, so utterly failed.

So if I understand you correctly, you’re upset because a site has beautiful design but fails to use superfluous AJAX all over the place?

Correct me if I’m misjudging here, but I’d take you for a coder that can’t make graphics, right? If your site "Rage Wars" ( is any indication, the PHP errors and lack of AJAX obviously demonstrate your "expertice" on the matter ( haha!)

Point me to a superior example of something you’ve made, student, and perhaps your belligerent words will bear some weight.




Yup, that's my tumblog.

You can make your own at Tumblr.

Whatcha been doin', mrbiotech?

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